Vulnicura Review

The anticipation swells when you start your journey into Bjork’s latest album, Vulnicura. The strings of it’s first song, “Stonemilker”, captures your attention and transports you into a new state of emotion. Suddenly, both the familiar and alien voice of Bjork syncopates against the smooth melody, and suddenly you’re hooked. Vulnicura is a clearly-focused musical achievement that seems almost too personal for the public to listen. The subject matter coinciding with the sudden, and publicly viewed separation between Bjork and her husband Matthew Barney causes the album to have a diary-like quality about it. The content heavily addresses the emotional hurt and aftermath of a family torn apart – dissociated vocals, the use of strings as a medium, minor chord progressions, and subject matter all correspond to the mood of this art piece. Hearing Bjork harness her inner strength while singing about pain can cause reactions from listeners – as several people have already claimed that the material caused them to weep. Vulnicura is a powerhouse of emotional sorrow: Listener discretion is advised.


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